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Processing Time

Our comprehensive knowledge of technologies allow us to move from from filing to issuance faster than anywhere else.

Technical Expertise

American Patent Agency employs a core staff with a deep level of technical expertise in a variety of fields.

Inventor Focused

Our job is to bridge the gap between the original idea and the actual manufacturing of the product as quickly as possible.


An Intellectual Property Guide for Entrepreneurs

Written by Resistance Marketing. Posted in Articles

Your intellectual property is important to your company's success. You fully appreciate why you need to invest in critical research and development, and ancillary IP services. But how do you know if the money in your IP budget

is being well spent? Practical Intellectual Property Guidance for Executives and Entrepreneurs, a new webinar from Bloomberg BNA, will provide practical intellectual property guidance for executives and entrepreneurs, and the counsel advising them, with a focus on improving the company's bottom line.

This online event will take place February 16, 2012, from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., EST.

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American Patent Agency

At American Patent Agency, we seek to make the process of patenting one’s IP as simple and efficient as possible. Conducting our business with clarity is central because we know the importance of keeping the client involved in the process and aware of developments. Taking the time to fully understand the client’s invention contributes to the quality of our work.

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American Patent Agency

American Patent Agency has a proven track record providing independent inventors, academic institutions, government agencies, as well as public and private companies with Intellectual Property Services.

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